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It’s not

about me…

it’s about you.

But if you insist…..

Ichibata Ltd is made up of 50% Gemma Treharne-Foose – a content creative with experience in corporate communications, media relations, engagement programming and event management. With a background in Digital and Media Production, Gemma is a confident crafter of collateral to help you advertise and sell your services, adding general pizzazz and sparkle as required.  

In her spare time, Gemma is a theatre-obsessed lover of violent sports like Roller Derby, her Cavalier King Charles dogs and all things cake and bake related.  

The other 50% is made up of Benjamin Treharne-Foose, an ex-graphic designing Boy Scout from the United States who has been doing his best to blend into the South Wales Valleys since 2007. An expert in Digital Marketing, Ben is perfectly positioned to advise on the right approach for your business – and managing the process from start to finish.

He has recently taken up 5-a-side football but has to be reminded not to pick up the ball and scream ‘touchdown’ when the mood takes him.

What’s with the whole ‘Ichibata’ thing?

Gemma and Ben met 13 years ago in Japan while ‘teaching’ English to poor unsuspecting Japanese students. The Ichibata is the name of the train connecting Hirata (the town where Gemma lived) and Hamada, where Benjamin lived.

Although rickety and rather ancient, the Ichibata was the most awesome of trains. Complete with a smart uniformed controller, the Ichibata had unbelievable timing (with deep apologies given if the train was even 30 seconds late) and seats which could swivel directions according to which way you were travelling.

Even with its retro charm, the Ichibata eclipsed a lot of the fancy new bullet trains. And that kind of sums things up really – sometimes you have to look beyond the hype and the decorative extras: there’s value to be had in the smaller companies that work really hard (and quietly) for your custom. The name ‘Ichibata’ symbolises the romance and back story of our coming together on the other side of the world. It literally brought us together time and time again.  

We bring together the quirkiness and efficiency of the Japanese, the humour and realism of the Welsh and the vision and confidence of the Americans. Some things are just too great to forget – and great things come in small packages. We’re a small, focused operation and we take real pride in our work. Plus, if you ever want to get together to discuss the vagaries of Japanese sake versus chu-hai or pachinko or karaoke with us, we’d be more than happy to oblige! (Onegai Shimasu!)

*Disclaimer: Gemma would like to apologise to her former colleagues for any Welsh-isms and British slang that may be doing the rounds in Western Japan as a result of her 3 year tenure in the towns of Hirata and Hamada.*