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copy that converts

not always pretty… but always powerful


copy that converts

not always pretty… but always powerful


Word Up

Looking to increase sales and strengthen your relationships with customers?

Just so we’re clear….  you know expensive TV ads and swishy print creative don’t always equal sales, right?

Shocking revelation alert: pretty postcards and pictures do not result in tonnes of sales.  There are plenty of ad agencies out there trying to pat down your pockets and sell you a dream. Telling you fancy pants ads will ‘look good’ and ‘boost engagement.’

But there aren’t many people sharing the knowledge that in actual fact…


As Bob Dylan said,

‘the times…. they are a changin’

But the way we sell has stayed the same.

Marketers in the 1800s knew the power of good copy. They understood the relationship and the pain points of the customer and knew how to write copy to appeal to their wants and desires, their fears and frustrations. Smart marketers use the same methods today.

The result? More subscriptions, more clicks and ultimately – more sales. Because good copy creates a relationship between you and your customer.  And we all know…  People buy from people.

Ichibata will help your sales and advertising copy sound more human, help you build sales funnels that convert and create memorable ad campaigns.  All by helping you connect directly with your customers. 

But if you want to throw your money in a wind tunnel and get a glossy ad…feel free to do that! In the meantime, We’ll be slogging away to pull the right levers to deliver REAL results for our clients.

What do you need?

or maybe you’re not sure yet

We have honed our skills from 10 years of cold hard graft in the public and private sectors – and we make a substantial investment in continuing to learn our craft so you don’t have to!

Some of the many ways we can help your business grow…

* Lead magnets and lead generation

* E-mail sequences / Auto-responder series

* Developing your e-mail subscriber list

* LinkedIn advertising and campaigns

* Google Ad words / campaigns

* Facebook advertising

* Scripts for video / Talking head vids for your social channels

* Animated explainer videos

* Press releases and media relations

* Landing page / e-mail and website copy

We won’t sell you crap you don’t need.

We know how frustrating it is when people try and sell you stuff you don’t want – or can’t afford (PPI insurance, anyone?!)

We’ll meet with you to find out what it is your business needs – and then set in motion a solid plan to get you results. We’ve worked with the following clients to achieve online sales and new customer subscribers…ask us today how we can help your business, whether it’s a Linked In / Facebook ad campaign you’re after, a smoking hot e-mail series or a lead generator to net you more sales.

Helped me loads with a fresh new landing page – and set it out in a much more customer-friendly way

Tom Dean


Ben rescued our website and incorporated a ticketing service for our events.  He pulled out all the stops to get the site ready for a once in a lifetime opportunity to welcome an Apollo Astronaut to Wales.  We received a ton of publicity for the event and our website was up and running ready for all the new enquiries.

Allan Trowe

Dark Sky Wales

What would well written copy do for your business?